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Letting and Leasing

Property Letting and Leasing

Rejima Homes provides unparalleled marketing strategies to secure the right tenants for the premise or for any property that may fail vacant. The tenant is interviewed and fills a proposal form with all of his/her details including an explanation as to why they are moving from their former premises. We ensure that the tenants executes a lease/tenancy agreement which defines the terms and conditions and the consequences if in breach of such agreement by the tenant.

An affordable letting fee is payable to us upon securing a tenant, such payment is in respect to the first month only. Our letting and leasing package includes...
  • Marketing of any vacant propoerties
  • Negotiation of Letting and Sale Fees
  • Excution of Agreements
  • Background Check of new tenants
  • Ensuring good relations between tenants and landlords
  • Property renovations before new tenants are let in.
Letting and Leasing